Celtic Complexion Calming Serum

Celtic Complexion Calming Serum for RosaceaProduct Name: Celtic Complexion Calming Serum

Brand/Manufacturer: Celtic Complexion

Green/Natural ingredients: Yes

Did I buy it more than once?: Not yet, but I will.

How long did 1 purchase last?: 1 month per dram (1/8 ounce) so I will assume that the full ounce would last 6-8 months.

Where to Get Celtic Complexion Calming Serum

Flag-Canada Canada, Flag-USA USA, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Western Europe: Celtic Complexion Calming Serum at the official website.

What does it claim to provide?

A soothing serum made from high quality, potent, all-natural, vegan, gluten-free and paraben-free ingredients.  These essential oils and essential fatty acids calm the skin and that reduces inflammation, redness and sensitivity associated with rosacea as well as sunburned skin and broken capillaries.

My Review of this Rosacea Skin Care Product

Celtic Complexion Calming Serum Ingredients (in version I tried)

Fractionated coconut oil, German chamomile oil, neroli oil, lavender oil, evening primrose oil, borage seed oil.

What do you think of this product?

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