Warning – Light Therapy Scam Advertising Using My Image (without my permission, of course)

Hi Rosy Friends 🌸,

I wanted to issue a warning of a growing trend of companies stealing screen grabs or clips from my YouTube videos without my permission to pretend I’ve reviewed/liked/endorsed their products⚠️

Most recently, I was alerted that a company called RosaLight did just that.

RosaLight Scam
This is a screen grab of the RosaLight video. I am NOT holding their product and did NOT give my permission for them to include me in their ad.

They worked a clip of me into a video they shared on Facebook. It didn’t specifically state, but it very clearly implied, that I had used their product to treat my rosacea. The product I was actually holding in the clip they used (without my permission) was from an entirely different company.  It’s on YouTube and clearly states the real name of the product and the company selling it. It happened to look similar, so RosaLight just grabbed my image and threw it into their advertising to pretend I had tried them out.

December 2019 Update

Facebook responded to my copyright infringement report and has taken the RosaLight video down.

I Do NOT Endorse RosaLight ⛔️

I have never tried the RosaLight product and, after reading their dubious claims and seeing their dubious advertising, I wouldn’t trust them.

This is not the only time my image has been used to imply that I have tried/liked/endorsed a product I’ve never tried/liked/endorsed.  I’m writing this blog post as a warning.  If you don’t see a review of a product on my official accounts such as my YouTube channel, my blog, this review site or on my social media accounts, the odds are that my image has been tweaked to make it look like I’m saying something I’m not. 

If you see my image/video clip on an ad for a product and aren’t sure if you should trust it, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on social media to confirm.

Companies know how much those of us struggle with rosacea and all its various symptoms. Unfortunately, scam companies will stoop to some dubious tactics to try to sell to us because they know how desperate we can feel to try to find the right treatment.  They’ll do/say some very misleading things to try to get our money.

Please be careful out there, Rosy Friends.  We’re all in this together, and we deserve better than to be scammed.

A big thank you to the Rosy Friend who alerted me to this on Instagram – you know who you are.💜

June 2020 Update

On June 16, 2020, I received an email from one of the co-founders of RosaLight. It contained the following message:

“The reason why I’m writing to you is to simply apologize for what happened with your footage in our ad. Unfortunately, the video we used for our initial advertising was provided to us by our manufacturer and we missed to do our due-diligence on it, assuming he had all the rights to the material. As soon as I found out what happened I immediately advised our marketing to take the video offline from all our marketing channels.”

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