My Best Rosacea Skin Care Black Friday Sale Finds

Skin Conditions are Expensive and 2020 Needs All the Discounts It Can Get!

I’ve decided to do something new for 2020. Since most of us are doing a chunk of our holiday shopping from home this year, I’ve collected the best rosacea skin care Black Friday sales and deals that I can find to share them with you.

All I’m Promising is a Chance to Save Money

Though these are all rosacea skin care products that I’ve tried and like, as I’ve said a bajillion times before, I can’t guarantee they’ll be right for your skin. We all have our own unique combinations of signs, symptoms, triggers and stuff that works. That said, in case you’ve found that some of the same products work for you as work for me – or if you were hoping to save money as you try them for the first time – here are some of the best ones I’ve tested over the years, and the discounts they’re offering today.

To be clear, I’m not selling any of this stuff. All the links I’m providing are to the stores where I shop for these rosacea skin care products. These are not my stores, but they are holding great Black Friday sales!

My 2020 List of the Best Rosacea Skin Care Black Friday Deals

1. Noble Naturals

Noble Naturals Best Rosacea Skin Care Products

The Deal: 25% off nearly the whole site + a free gift worth $50 on orders over $100.

Use Coupon Code BF at checkout to apply your discount.

I can’t say enough good things about this skin care company and its products. I’ve been using the same Noble Naturals rosacea skin care products for almost a full year, and they’ve given me the same beautiful performance through the winter, spring, summer, fall, and now returning to winter again. Extremely gentle and hydrating products. I raved about them in a recent review on my rosacea blog.

The Best Rosacea Skin Care Products for My Face

Other Favorites from Noble Naturals

  • Noble Naturals Calm Balm (for freezing, windy days when skin needs more protection)
  • Noble Naturals Breathe Easy Balm (use it under the nose to stop it from running outside in the cold..and under masks!)
  • Noble Naturals Goddess Bath Bomb with Gemstone Centre (most gorgeous-smelling bath balm I’ve ever used. Skin feels pampered after this bath. Just don’t forget the gemstone is in there and step on it as you’re getting out…no reason…)
  • Noble Naturals Dream Weaver Ritual Mist (a gentle, calming scent for bedtime that, surprise, isn’t lavender. For me, it’s soothing, opens airways and helps me to be restful and ready to dream)
  • Noble Naturals Gemstone Jewelry (perfect gifts for yourself or anyone on your shopping list. It’s all just as beautiful as it looks in the photos…not that I’ve been buying it for myself…)

2. Bedrock

The Deal: 20% off your whole order of anything on the site

Bedrock skin care Black Friday sale

I originally fell in love with Bedrock as a brand when I tried the Bedrock Balm, which worked wonders on helping to heal a nasty flare-up (which I documented on my Rosy JulieBC blog).

I’ve started using it on mosquito bites, scrapes, and even the occasional regular pimple that decides to make a rare appearance.

Since then, I’ve had the chance to try other products from the same brand and they’re all just as great. They’re simple, gentle, and lovely. This is a great chance to try them out or stock up!


  • Bedrock Balm (used day/night in summer and at night in winter)

Other Favourites from Bedrock

  • Bedrock FRESHSTICK (soft-smelling mineral and matcha deodorant in a cardboard container. No plastic! It stands up to some pretty stressful and sweaty days for me in 2020)

3. RubyLux Lights*

The Deal: 30% off any order of $50 or more.

RubyLux Lights Sale Discount (affiliate link)

I’ve been using light therapy for five years and have come to trust two brands. While one of those two brands has shifted gears and has focused on education about light therapy for rosacea and other conditions, the other, RubyLux Lights, has continued to grow and fine-tune its offerings.

There have been a lot of companies rushing into this industry, some of whom have been more trustworthy than others. Every RubyLux product I’ve tried so far has been consistently good quality, and I’ve always had my questions answered quickly and respectfully on the few occasions I’ve contacted them.

*(affiliate link)

My Favourite RubyLux Lights Products for Rosacea Light Therapy

  • RubyLux Highest Intensity LED Light Therapy Mask with Neck Piece (originally used daily, but now used every one to two weeks)
  • RubyLux All Red LED Bulb – Small – 2nd Generation (super-affordable way to try red light therapy for the first time)
  • RubyLux Amber Yellow LED Bulb – Size Small – 2nd Generation (super-affordable way to try yellow light therapy for the first time)
  • RubyLux Basic Goggles (simple way to protect your eyes from the very bright light)

Other Favourites from RubyLux Lights

  • RubyLux All Red LED Bulb – Size Large – 2nd Generation (larger option lets you do your whole face in one or two sides, saving time)
  • RubyLux All Yellow LED Bulb – Size Large – 2nd Generation (again, lets you do your whole face much faster than the small bulb)
  • RubyLux All Green LED Bulb – Size Large (after all these years, I’ve been off-and-on about whether green light therapy calms my redness, but it is extremely soothing to a flare-up for me)

Still Hunting for the Best Rosacea Skin Care Black Friday Deals

These are the best rosacea skin care Black Friday deals I could find so far. If I spot some more throughout the day, I’ll be sure to add them! Take care and stay safe, Rosy Friends.

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