Makeup & Cosmetics

Choosing rosacea make-up isn’t the same as simply trying to pick the right colour to match your face or the look you want to achieve.  I’ve found that it’s a careful balance between trying to cover up redness without actually making symptoms worse.

Before I discovered some of the makeup types that tend to work best on my own skin – primarily (but not exclusively) mineral makeup – the experience was mainly hit-and-miss.  Trial-and-error can be a frustrating process, but it seems to be inevitable when it comes to rosacea makeup.

I try to keep an open mind. I sample products well before I’ll actually need them and I have come to appreciate the value of patch testing. That poor small area of skin that is typically covered by the arm of my glasses has been a guinea pig for all sorts of cosmetics!

Here are some of the categories of rosacea makeup I’ve tested out so far.  Click for more information:

I try to keep my rosacea cosmetics routine as basic as I can.  I know I could probably achieve a far greater range of looks if I was more willing to test out a huge number of additional types of products, but I tend to think that every new product is a new opportunity to cause a flare-up.

There are many factors that can cause my makeup needs to change.  For instance, on a day when I’m having a flare-up or when I know I’ll be blushing easily (public appearances, for example), I need much heavier coverage than a day when I’m just popping over to a friend’s house for a nice dinner.

I also find that my needs in the summer can be different from those in the winter.  After all, my skin is dryer in the winter, so a product that is slightly drying and that might be alright in the summertime could be very irritating in the winter.

I’m far from an expert in cosmetics, let alone rosacea makeup.  Still, I have tried a very large number of products and brands, so I hope my feedback will be helpful to you.

Wondering about a specific product? Need to vent about one that didn’t work for you or rave about one that did?  Don’t hesitate to contact me. I may not have all the answers, but I’m a happy listener and will always respond.

These rosacea makeup products include as many of the brands and cosmetic lines as I have reviewed and can remember (and that I could find online so I could provide you with information).  They’re all here, regardless of whether I said good things about them or not. After all, just because something did or didn’t work for me, it doesn’t mean you’ll have the same experience.  I just hope this helps!