The Dual-Care™ HP LED Powerhead

The Dual-Care™ HP LED Powerhead for RosaceaProduct Name: The Dual-Care™ HP LED Powerhead

Brand/Manufacturer: Smarter Lights

Green/Natural ingredients: N/A

Did I buy it more than once?: N/A

How long did 1 purchase last?: Still going with a lifetime warranty.

Where to Get a Dual-Care™ HP LED Powerhead

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What does it claim to provide?

A high-power (HP) LED red and amber powerhead bulb. It has 48 HP LED chips that provide peak wavelengths in both the red and amber ranges. It is durable and lightweight for convenient use when at home or traveling.

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What’s in the box?

The Dual-Care™ HP LED Powerhead comes with the bulb, a socket and cord set (you can choose the 120 volt appropriate for North American sockets or the 220 volt for many other parts of the world), a pair of standard Super Sunnies eye protecting goggles, and the usage guidelines.

The powerhead is an LED bulb with 4 chips.  Each chip contains 16 LEDs (for a total of 64 LEDs in the entire powerhead).  Each chip has 10 amber LEDs and 6 red LEDs (for a total of 40 amber LEDs and 24 red LEDs in the entire powerhead)

5 thoughts on “The Dual-Care™ HP LED Powerhead

  1. Hi Julie,
    I have purchased a LLLT product but I have an orthodontic brace – as in metal on my teeth – and I’m trying to find out if it is safe to use these devices in these circumstances?


    1. Good question! I’d recommend speaking to the company behind the product and/or your orthodontist for that answer. I’m afraid I don’t know. I hope you can use it, though! 🙂


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