Lifestyle Products

Dealing with rosacea symptoms isn’t just a matter of applying a cream or popping a pill.  In my (non-expert) opinion and experience has to do with a complete rosacea lifestyle.  I like to call it the “Rosy Life.” It helps me to keep a positive attitude and remind myself that when I make certain changes, it’s because I’m doing something good for myself and the way I look and feel.

Choosing the right skin care is a big part of it.  Knowing which makeup and cosmetics to use to cover it is also very helpful. However, adopting the right rosacea lifestyle is what brings everything together.

In this way, I feel that I am continually working to heal flare-ups that have already occurred, prevent them from happening again and reducing the severity of those that will happen.

Here are some of the areas in which I’ve made positive changes to my rosacea lifestyle to be better able to live the Rosy Life:

If you’ve been following my rosacea blog or watching videos on my Rosy JulieBC YouTube channel, you’ll know that I’m not about making extreme or drastic changes.  Instead, I tend to consider one change at a time and test it out to see how it works in my life over the short term so I can understand if it will continue over the longer term.

I have a leaning toward natural and green products (the real deal, not just products that “green wash” so they can pretend they’re healthful in some way), but I am not adverse to all chemicals.  I’ll try just about anything, but I won’t keep using it just because of a label.  it has to work for me!

I also try to eat balanced, whole food based meals and snacks.  I try to avoid my triggers and choose skin health-boosting, anti-inflammatory foods when I can.  I’m not into extreme diets or detoxes.  I do have the occasional pizza, chocolate or cheesecake (all of which are major triggers for my rosacea symptoms).  But I save those as treats and try to lead a good rosacea lifestyle the majority of the time.

After all, just because I’m avoiding rosacea symptoms, it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop living my life!

Curious about a certain product? Frustrated because one didn’t work for you? Please feel free to contact me. I may have gone through the same thing or I may never have heard of the product you tried.  Either way, I’m interested and will always resply.

These rosacea lifestyle products include all the ones I’ve tried and could find online so you could read more about them.  Regardless of whether I loved them or really didn’t like them, they’re all here for you to see since we all have different lives and we all have different rosacea triggers. What works for me may not be the same for you and the opposite is also true.  So I’ve included it all so you can have a look for yourself!