About Rosy JulieBC

Hi Rosy Friends!

I’m Julie B. Campbell.  I’m a co-author of the Perspective book series, children’s book author, freelance writer and rosacea sufferer.

Rosy JulieBCIt is for that last reason that I have come to be known as Rosy JulieBC.  What started as a name for a blog and YouTube channel rapidly became a nickname for the side of me that has taken on rosacea-busting goals with a vengence.

To start, I’d just like to point out that I’m not a dermatologist, other form of doctor or skin expert in any way.  I’m a book author with a skin condition.  That said, because I’m a writer, I started using a blog to express myself about my frustrations and victories with my rosy cheeks (to put it mildly), pimples, pustules, and my burning, itching, stinging, dry and reactive face.

When I began, blogging was an outlet for me.  Then came my Rosy Friends.  Before I started blogging, I’d never spoken to a single other person who had rosacea.  Now I’m talking to people from around the world on a daily basis.  It’s wonderful! I had no idea there were so many of us but, as it turns out, there are millions upon millions of us.  Apparently, we like to suffer in silence!

I’ve been trying to overcome, cope with, manage and heal my condition for over 15 years.  I’ve tried everything from prescription drugs to creams, diets, light therapy and a lot of different forms of makeup meant to cover it up.  Some have been great.  Some have been awful.  Either way, I’ve loved sharing the details and reviews.  At the same time, my Rosy Friends have been wonderfully supportive and caring and have shared with me – and each other – too.

I never would have thought that such a frustrating skin condition could become such a positive part of my life.  That said, it most certainly has.  Thank you, Rosy Friends