Skin Care

Rosacea skin care can take several different forms.  I have attempted to keep an open mind and have tried several categories and combinations.

The following are the rosacea skin care product categories I have tried so far. Click for more information:

I have found that a simple and consistent rosacea skin care routine is the most effective way to avoid flare-ups and other symptoms of this condition.

Another important factor worth considering is that no single product or treatment can reveal all its true benefits in an instant.  In fact, when I interviewed Dr. Nisith Sheth from Cedars Dermatology (click here to read the full interview), he recommended that I give 3 months to any product or treatment (assuming there is no allergy). It takes patience and some trial and error but when you find what works, it’s a fantastic feeling.

It is also important to make a concerted effort to identify your triggers (click here to see The National Rosacea Society’s top tips for identifying rosacea triggers).  This way, when you come across a new rosacea skin care product, you can check the ingredients and avoid those that contain known triggers.

If your skin is anything like mine, then its needs will also change with the seasons.  I have a summer and a winter skin care strategy and the transition period between them can be challenging.

If you struggle with this, too, you’re not alone.  Need to talk (gripe) about it?  I’m here for you.  Don’t hesitate to contact me.  I can’t make any product recommendations as I’m not a doctor or skin care expert, but I’m a good listener, and I always reply.

These rosacea skin care products include all the brands and formulas I’ve tried (when I can find them online), regardless of whether I gave them a positive or negative review.  That said, just because something did or did not work for me, it doesn’t mean you will experience the same results.  Every case of rosacea is different.