Magic Soap Dish

Magic Soap DishProduct Name: The Magic Soap Dish

Brand/Manufacturer: Bow Industries

Green/Natural ingredients: N/A

Did I buy it more than once?: N/A

How long did 1 purchase last?: Still going strong.

Where to Get a Magic Soap Dish

Flag-USA USA: Magic Soap Dish at

Global shipping rosacea product Worldwide: Magic Soap Dish at Bow Industries  SAVE 20% with Coupon Code: ROSY20

What does it claim to provide?

A brand new and revolutionary soap dish design that keeps the bar of soap and counter top clean and dry throughout the entire lifespan of the soap.  As moisture is reduced, bacteria growth is prevented.  Moreover, since the soap is rapidly dried between uses, it will last up to 20% longer.


My Review of this Soap Dish Product

What’s in the box?

1 soap dish, info and usage directions card.